Marta Bevacqua

What is your signature?

I try to realize pictures that tell a story. I usually don't know the story before shooting, it becomes by itself. I like the idea of telling stories that everyone can imagine. With my pictures, I don't want to speak about a precise story, I want the people to imagine their own while looking at the images. I've always been a big fan of everything that could be fantasy and imaginary and surreal and dreamy. What I like about photography is that it does exactly the contrary: it represents faithfully the reality. What I always try to do is to create imaginary, dreamy and oniric worlds while picturing the world as it is, thanks to a particular atmosphere, a character or an attitude, a special moment. Probably, I can answer that my signature is a natural oniric dreamy world, with a story-telling aspect behind. I try to keep it simple and as natural as possible, under every aspect. Even tough I like representing another world, I like it to be very real and "touchable".

Which picture made you think you were going to be a professional photographer?

Before coming to Paris (January 2014), I always felt I was just "studying" photography. I feel I finally started once arrived in France, for lots of reasons. I didn't know it could be really work, I just wanted to give it a try. I think I understood I could do it (and really wanted to) when I worked on my project "Through the glass", where I shot many different girls with a glass between me and them (2014). It's quite artistic and didn't have a real technic yet, but it's from that moment that I started thinking about complete series, something I usually follow now when working. Also, it was the first time I shot totally natural girl, with no make-up and hair and it actually worked really well for me. From that moment, starting with very arty stuff and turning it into fashion after, I shot very often in a totally natural and simple way, "real" and surreal at the same time, which is my main signature nowadays.

The shooting you will never forget ?

It's probably one of the series mentioned before, the one with the girl through the hole in the glass. The girl was exactly the kind of model I like, and during the shooting I was feeling so inspired. I prepared everything for the glass part, but after that I just followed my instict and I improvised a lot but everything was so good and beautiful. It was the first shooting of the series, so it has been also important because it was from that shooting that I understood how I was feeling comfortable with a totally natural look, with simple poses and natural portraits. It really helped me to find the right direction for my work. I can't forget the feeling I had when I was back home. The feeling of having good pictures, that really represent myself, in my camera. And really couldn't wait for looking at them and start working on post production. I don't have many things to tell about the shooting, but I'll never forget it for what it was bringing to me and how it was starting to be important for what I became.

What inspires you ?

Many things. I read a lot and books always inspired me, especially for the characters that I try to represent through a particular attitude and expression, or through a scene or a location. Also movies and music, of course. I like listening to music with closed eyes and just imagine things. I am also very inspired by other artists' works, not only photographers, but also video makers, painters , sculptors and so on. Each kind of art can be so inspiring every time. And of course, I am very inspired and influenced by nature. I love everything that is natural and about earth. I can get inspired by some drops of water on the branches after a rainy morning, or a subtle light coming inside my apartment during the sunset. I am often inspired by cool locations, or objects I find around. It can really be anything. Other times, I can be inspired by a particular girl and I decide I must shoot her and I construct a story around her. So, for inspiration, I can really be inspired everywhere, everytime. I usually note every idea I get, even when I am doing something totally different than "my work".

What is the key of a successful shooting ?

The team. A photographer doesn't work alone, but along many other artists, each one on his own personal field. It's very important to find a good team for all the parts that compose a shooting. It's not only professionals who are very good at their job. It's also about the feeling I have with those people (how we can understand each other, how we see the final result, how the model and all the others get the attitude and the mood, and so on). If everything is matching, then it's impossible to not having good images.

Anything new going on ?

It's 2 years that I started with videos, and I have in mind to realize some new ones, since it's something that I really love. I like experimenting, so I will work on some personal projects where I can really push myself. In this exact moment, I'm working on a "travel diary", which is totally new for me and already thinking about new shootings with special attitudes and lightings.

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