"The most important thing for me is keeping my signature and my style no matter what my art gets subordinated to"
Margherita Chiarva

From Central Saint Martins to now, how did you develop your career?

After Central Saint Martins I kept on working on my photographic and printing skills moving towards the world of art by pursuing my goal, which is living in the process of making what I love , experimenting with new techniques, making exhibitions and confrontating with other artists and galleries.

What is your signature?

When I started taking pictures at the age of 15, I didn't really know I had a mild myopia and all my photos were out of focus. In the following years I kept that as my signature developing the dreamy, picturesque and materic look of my pictures that goes against the excessive sharpness of digital photography.

You expose in different galleries as an artist, is there a difference in the way you aproach a fashion project?

The most important thing for me is keeping my signature and my style no matter what my art gets subordinated to. The process of developing a project remains the same , it's only the purpose that changes. The only difference is that when I work on my art is just for myself and the goal is to express my own point of view, while in fashion there are other different aspects to take care for as the commercial purpose and the relationship with the clients.

Can you explain us what is your creative process and the meaning of it?

I experiment with different mediums, deconstructing and often inventing techniques and shooting methods as to get as close as possible to my own vision. I believe that sometimes the technological innovation becomes a limitation, mostly in photography. This is why I've been moving along the analog world since I started taking pictures. Film gives the possibility of making mistakes that often become the true soul and flavour of the picture itself. The meaning for me is to always seek an unusual vision of the usual.

What inspires you ?

I am inspired by every unusual representation of reality. My main source of inspiration though comes from working in the darkroom: The gestures used to develop a piece of photographic paper causes me to reflect while I wait for the image to emerge and the limited dark environment of the laboratory envelops me in the process and sparks ideas and creativity.

Anything new going on ?

Every day there is something new going on !

Margherita Chiarva worked with:

Artistic collaboration : Grillo Demo, Ayla Hibri

Recent shows : "transfert", galerie virginie louvet, personal exhibition, paris 2015 ; Projectb gallery, chemigrams, personal exhibition, milan 2015; 14-14 modernity's first century, plasma, milan, 2014; Numinous- istanbul'74, istanbul, 2014; Concrete unit - istanbul biennal, group show, istanbul, 2013; Action at a distance - bursa photo fest, group show, bursa, turkey, 2013; 2012- photosyntesis - group show, milan , italy ; Materics - group show, london, uk 2011

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