« At this moment I’m fascinated by the light here on the West Coast. It’s so different from that in Paris. »
Jan Welters

What is your signature?

People often tell me that, especially with celebrities I bring out their natural beauty which is usually hidden under a lot of layers.

Which picture made you think you were going to be a professional photographer?

It was a story by Peter Lindbergh for French Marie Claire. He shot it on the Place de la Concorde with a blond model, I don’t remember her name now but I can still see the pictures in front of me. I was doing snapshots of my friends at the time and there was a bit of a similarity. That’s the first time I thought I could become a professional photographer.

The shooting you will never forget ?

The first one that comes to mind is a story we did with Tasha Tilberg in a loft in Brooklyn. I booked stylist Lucy Pinter and this was the first time we worked together. It clicked right away and we’ve been together ever since… And another one was Courtney Love in LA. After fussing around all day we finally started shooting at the end of the afternoon but kept going until sunrise. She sang her whole new album in front of the camera, it was wonderful…

What inspires you ?

Life, people, especially women… At this moment I’m fascinated by the light here on the West Coast. It’s so different from that in Paris. And I’m taking a lot of pictures of my kids. They’re are a constant inspiration to me.

What is the key of a successfull shooting ?

When the person I’m shooting feels confident and beautiful.

Anything new going on ?

I’m working on a book, a collection of my strongest pictures combined with personal ones. But it’s a lot of work so I keep putting it off…

Jan Welters worked with:

Magazines :Elle France, Elle UK, Antidote, Vogue Spain, Vogue Germany, Vogue France, Vogue Netherlands, Details, Instyle US, Vanity Fair US, Glamour Italia, Glamour Germany.

Stylists :Barbara Baumel, Samira Nasr, Catherine Baba, Julia Von Boehm, Véronique Didry, Joanne Blades, Belen Casadevall, Jos Van Heel, Anne-Marie Curtis, Hortense Manga, Sasa Thomann, Melissa Rubini.

Advertising :Dior, Balanciaga, Jil Sander Fragrance, Nike, Lancaster, Chaumet, H&M, Victoria’s Secrets, Superfine, Princesse Tam Tam, Garnier, Mango Fragrance, Eres, Vichy, Lancel, Bloomingdales, J Brand, Saks Fifth Avenue.

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